People relish a good wreck. My experimental denim project started with this fascination with human morbid curiosity to watch called rubbernecking; where drivers slow down to see what happened in a car accident causing traffic.
The jacket represents the disturbing feeling and chaotic aftermath of a car crash: with deconstructed details referring to fireman uniforms - the first on the scene during an accident - and weaving panels that are pouring out materials. These manipulations are inspired by other artists that work with recycled automobile steel. John Chamberlain’s distinctive metal sculptures reveal both the stately grace and the expressive plasticity of industrial materials. While Ron Arad’s 'In Reverse' features each car pinned against the wall and “flattened to resemble the outcome of an accident in a cartoon or a child’s drawing that lacks a sense of depth.” The painted prints refer to the shattered glass remnants of a car window. I wanted to include the feeling of speed and being frozen during a time of trauma, something that is prevalent in Michaël Borremans paintings. These iconographic elements were used in the distorted road sleeves and collar design inspired by a whiplash injury.
Final Presentation:
Textile Manipulations:
Crashed Fireman Jacket
Mockup Process:
Editorial Photoshoot:
Research Book:
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