The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of a skirt is freedom of movement. It is liberation, pure femininity and playfulness moved with the flow of air. Throughout history, however, the skirt has been designated as a shapeshifter; constricting the woman’s body into society’s mould. The crinoline becomes a “mobile” that can modify how gravity affects the skirt. Much like in kinetic art where artists such as Tatlin, Naum Gabo and Alexander Calder, suspend wire sculptures that look like drawings in space that rely on careful weighting to achieve balance. The sets of interlocking components allow for the incorporation of space where void and form complement each other. For Oskar Schlemmer, the Bauhaus costume turns the body of the dancer into an abstract figure, showing the invisible linear network of geometric relationships. Finally, in Picasso’s Constellations drawings, he composes his own sky charts as an exploration of the limit between abstraction and figuration.
Final Illustrations:
Research Book:
Kinetic Skirt Mobile
Mockup Process:
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